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Give your views on Gatwick night flights by 9 May

24th April 2023

CPRE Sussex, together with CAGNE (Communities Against Gatwick Noise Emissions), is asking you to write to the government in response to its consultation on the night-time noise abatement objectives for the designated airports.

CPRE Sussex has responded to the consultation using the text below, drafted by CAGNE. You are invited to use this text:

‘I would like to see a mandatory ban on night flights at Gatwick Airport from 11pm to 7am.

All noise abatement procedures must be mandatory to protect those most impacted by night flights.

I would like the policy to be worded as below, putting residents’ health before the commercial gain of aviation –

“Whilst supporting quieter and greener aviation growth we recognise the health impacts of night flights as such aviation must adhere to set noise abatement procedures at designated airports to reduce the adverse effects of aviation noise at night on health and quality of life”.

Your name and address’

Send to:
Write to: Night flights consultation
Great Minster House
33 Horseferry Road
London SW1P 4DR

See details of consultation: