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Evolving in Tune with Nature

14th July 2020

Over the past fifty years Horam Manor Farm has evolved from a struggling dairy farm to a thriving visitor destination.

Today the farm is open to the public, offering daily nature trails, a farm museum, a popular fishery, a busy riding stables, a lakeside tea room, a touring park and number of other small businesses.

The farm’s evolution has happened gradually over time but it has remained in the same family throughout – maintaining its ethos to protect and enhance the countryside.

‘Raising awareness of the countryside and promoting awareness of its diverse habitats and the importance of preserving these habitats is very important to us,’ says Felicity Goulden whose father farmed the land until the 1970s.

‘So much of the future of our planet depends on what we do now, in this century, this decade, this year, this month and this week.’

The farm’s nature trail is designed to give visitors an understanding of the importance of responsible behaviour in the countryside while the museum explains the farm’s history and its evolution through time. The farm has also become an integral part of village life, hosting local events in its restored Cartlodge.

‘We are part of a growing community as the village expands,’ explains Felicity. ‘Local events bring people together, giving a sense of belonging which again has all sorts of benefits to our lives at all stages.’

‘The current lockdown has given us a glimpse of a quieter, less polluted world, with an extraordinarily quick ability to regenerate wildlife.’