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King’s Speech is ‘disappointing ducking’ of what Sussex needs

7th November 2023

Plans are a missed opportunity to tackle cost of living, climate and nature crises.

Law-making plans outlined in today’s Kings Speech fail to address major threats to the historic county.

CPRE Sussex says action is needed to tackle cost-of-living, climate and nature crises.

Instead, the Government plans to introduce climate-damaging oil and gas licensing that will do nothing to tackle sky-high energy bills.

CPRE Sussex director Paul Steedman said: “This King’s Speech was an opportunity to address the big issues for Sussex and the countryside: affordability of housing, transport and energy bills, tackling the increasing effects of climate breakdown and support for nature-friendly farming. It is disappointing to see what looks more like electoral posturing.”

While the speech ended with a brief mention of climate change and biodiversity, it failed to include any specific details. The core areas CPRE Sussex would like to see addressed in future policies include:

  • Fresh support to help communities build affordable housing
  • Action on rural transport including the return of rural buses and the roll-out of an electric vehicle charging network that works for the countryside
  • Plans to restart stalled offshore wind and to get solar power on all new rooftops
  • Ambitious nature-based solutions for managing flooding