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Let’s make Eastbourne green

3rd August 2020

Calling all tree lovers in Eastbourne – we need your help to plant more trees in your town!

CPRE Sussex created Plant Your Postcode in 2018 to plant more trees in towns and cities across Sussex. In Eastbourne, we’re working as part of the Eastbourne Eco Action Network.

Your donation through our crowdfunding website will help us to plant more trees for you to enjoy.

Volunteers will be doing all the planting, but we need money to buy trees, shrubs, wildflower seed and wildlife boxes. We also need to pay for equipment to prepare the ground, plant and protect trees and shrubs. We’ll need to pay for watering and maintenance, and to lease land for our tree nurseries. We also need funds to run our campaigns for planting on privately owned land.

The more money we raise, the more trees we can plant.

If we can raise £2000 then East Sussex County Council will match that with £1000, so every £1 you donate is worth £1.50 to us!

If we can raise £5000, the County Council could match that with £2500 – that means lots more trees in Eastbourne.

Trees don’t just look wonderful; they help people to reduce stress and provide shade. They offer food and homes for wildlife; filter pollutants from the air you breathe; and help to combat climate change.

So why don’t you help to make Eastbourne green by donating money at: