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Secluded valley near Hailsham is wrong site for industrial development

15th March 2024

Proposed development of a battery energy storage system and associated works

CPRE Sussex wish to register our objection to this proposal (application no: WD/2023/2940/MAJ) and ask that approval be refused.

The application is for an industrial development in a particularly quiet and pleasant greenfield rural location between the AONB and the Pevensey Levels Ramsar National Nature Reserve, it is difficult to think of a worse site for this proposed industrial development.

CPRE is fully in favour of green energy, but this is not a site where green electricity would be produced. There are also issues relating to screening, drainage, and the effect of water from the development on the nature reserve.

This secluded valley would be permanently ruined to construct an industrial development with no clear reason given for choosing this site as compared with more suitable sites, zoned as suitable for industrial development, and near to grid lines. It is of no benefit to the local people.

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