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Creating a Town of Trees

14th July 2020

The community group, Steyning For Trees, was formed last year with the simple aim of planting as many trees as possible in the town. 

The group, which has small charity status, wants to see more trees planted on both private and community land to help fight climate change and to enhance green spaces. 

‘Planting trees and hedges will halt or reverse the catastrophic decline in biodiversity by providing homes for nesting birds, shelter for small animals and invertebrates, as well as extending Steyning’s wildlife corridors,’ says the group’s Jo Gordon 

‘And for us humans, trees engender a feeling of wellbeing something we are all very conscious of at this time.’ 

Last year Steyning for Trees set up a stall at the local Farmer’s Market where they gave away 225 small saplings for people to plant in their gardens.  

This year the group has been working alongside the Parish Council and Steyning Grammar School to plant more than 400 hedging plants on the Abbey Road. The planting was due to take place in April but has had to be postponed due to Coronavirus. 

All the hedging plants they use are native species: Hazel, Crab Apple, various Birches, Hawthorn, Holly, Goat Willow, Rowan , Blackthorn, Common Oak, Dog Rose, Dogwood, Elder.  

The group’s future plans include  planting semi-mature trees on roadside verges, working with residents and the WSCC “Donate a Tree” scheme.  

‘As well as capturing carbon – and pollution – this will provide much needed shade plus the cooling effect of transpiration from the leaves and will enhance the beauty of our streets,’ says Jo. 


Watch a film about Steyning For Trees: