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Eco, Young and Engaged

14th July 2020

The E.Y.E. (Eco, Young and Engaged) Project works with schools and pupils across West Sussex to help them to make a positive difference to their environment.

The project has hosted 19 Eco-summits and influenced thousands of school pupils of all ages – promoting eco awareness, incorporating school learning objectives and encouraging more sustainable living.

The project was initially set up in Worthing in 2008 but rapidly expanded to encompass most of West Sussex, engaging with 45 junior and secondary schools in the years 2016 to 2019.

‘The E.Y.E. Project brings West Sussex schools together to focus on the importance of caring for our planet,’ explains the E.Y.E.’s Kate Evans-Makrakis. ‘Empowering our young people to have the knowledge to act and make changes within their sphere of influence… and beyond.’

A key part of the EYE model is its Eco‐Summits which are a day full of environmental learning workshops and activities delivered by recognised environmentalists to an audience of 5‐18yr olds. The summits are also a platform for launching eco‐warrior ideas and inviting local groups to host stands or be keynote speakers.

The E.Y.E. Project is continually expanding geographically; recently launching a new hub in the Gatwick Area with an Eco‐Summit at Ifield Community College. E.Y.E. has also been approached by neighbouring counties requesting assistance with adopting similar models in their areas.

‘We hope that those who engage with our projects come away with the incentive to make choices that will lead to their environment becoming a better place to live,’ says Kate.