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CPRE Sussex celebrates its 50th anniversary on November 21, 2022

Campaigners are celebrating 50 years of protecting the countryside and shaping a greener future for Sussex.

CPRE Sussex was officially launched at Arundel Castle on November 21, 1972.

Since then, it has campaigned tirelessly to protect the county’s beautiful landscapes, promote sustainable development and tackle major environmental issues.

CPRE Sussex director Brian Kilkelly said: “It is incredible to reflect on all the hundreds of dedicated volunteers that have worked to protect and promote our wonderful Sussex countryside over these past 50 years.

“They have been supported by thousands of equally committed members. Thank you all.”

Throughout its history CPRE Sussex has championed the Sussex countryside.

In the 1970s it began working with farmers to protect trees and hedgerows.

The 1980s saw the charity opposing the ‘defacing effect’ of oil exploration, while in the 1990s it successfully challenged home building targets imposed on local councils.

Since the turn of the millennium, notable victories have included the formation of the South Downs National Park and becoming a pioneer in the campaign against fracking.

“Together, we have achieved so much,” said Brian.

“Wins large and small, for the love of our beautiful landscapes and green spaces.

“Looking ahead, there continues to be much to do. We must press on with equal levels of dedication and commitment to this precious cause.”

CPRE Sussex is currently running several ongoing campaigns.

They include opposing Gatwick Airport expansion, calling for an end to the dumping of untreated sewage and promoting Dark Skies and Tranquil Places.

While it is best known for protecting the countryside, the charity is also passionate about greening up towns and cities.

Its Plant Your Postcode scheme helps local communities plant urban trees.

“Green spaces in urban areas are vital to all of us,” said Jenni Cresswell, Plant Your Postcode project manager.

Volunteers planting at Wellsbourne, Brighton

“They give us space to unplug from our increasingly stressful daily routines.

“Trees in particular can mitigate a range of urban challenges including reducing flood risk and
removing pollutants.”

As the charity begins to mark the start of its 50th anniversary year, it is keen to get more people
involved in shaping a greener future for Sussex.

Find out how you can help at

Download: Sussex 50th Anniversary Review