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How to Plant Your Postcode

Official website for Plant Your Postcode.

Want to help increase urban tree cover in your area? This simple guide will help you get started.

Please note that the website: has been set up without permission and has no connection with the CPRE Sussex Plant Your Postcode project here. We are working to have the unofficial website taken down.

How to Plant Your Postcode

Want to help increase urban tree cover in your area? This simple guide will help you every step of the way – from finding out if planting trees on your street is possible right through to getting them into the ground. We work closely with the council’s tree planting team to support you and increase urban tree cover throughout the city.

Plant Your Postcode is a volunteer-led programme with limited resources. We are unable to assist individuals who would like to see a tree planted on their street. If you would like to see trees planted in your area why not find some other tree-loving friends and form a community group?  Alternatively, you could support our project generally by going to the yellow Donate button or contact the council directly about planting a tree in a nearby park through their memorial tree scheme.

Step 1 – build your team

Tree planting takes work so it is a good idea to form a small group of neighbours who can work together to lead the project. Appoint someone to be the main point of contact. This can be a long process so think about how you will manage expectations and keep the momentum going.

See: PYP-Engaging-your-neighbours

Step 2 – register with us

Contact us at to register your interest in having trees planted. The Plant Your Postcode team will collate all the available information and liaise with the Brighton & Hove City Council Tree planting team. The council will survey the location and let you know whether trees can be successfully planted or not. Planting may not be possible in some sites because pavements or streets are too narrow, trees are unlikely to survive, or underlying services would be affected.

Step 3 – work out costs

The council allocates annual funds for replacing street trees that have been removed. A standard donation of £346.96 per tree covers the cost of buying and planting the tree. However, it does not cover additional costs such as removing stumps, repairing root damage to the street and installing new tree pits. A full breakdown of expected costs is below. Please note, planting is still subject to a site survey to check what services are underground and whether the specific site is suitable.  Costs do not include watering and aftercare.

  • ​​Stump replacement or new tree on soft surface: standard donation of £381.70 per tree covers the cost of buying and planting a tree
  • Stump replacement on hard surface: starting at £3,000 (including standard donation fee)
  • New tree on hard surface where pavements are 2.5m wide or more: £1,100 (including standard donation fee)
  • New tree on hard surface where pavements are less than 2.5m wide: starting at £3,000 (including standard donation fee).

The council’s budget only allows for a limited number of replacements per ward. Any assistance with costs is always appreciated. If tree replacement is scheduled for your street, please consider making a standard donation so we can keep increasing our tree cover. If you are planning to plant new trees where there are currently none, or there is no funding linked to your location, we can work with you to fundraise based on an estimated cost of the planting.

Step 4 – inform residents

Collect signatures or support online from local people. It is important there is evidence of majority support for any tree planting in your street. It may be a surprise to learn some people are not in favour of trees near their houses.

See: PYP-Engaging-your-neighbours

Check out our FAQs for guidance on common concerns.

Now is also a good time to let your local ward councillor know about your plans if they are not already involved. They might be able to help the process along.

Step 5 – wait for permission

The location where you hope to plant could be the responsibility of multiple council departments with competing priorities. It takes time for different factors such as highways, parking and planning to be considered and a final decision to be made.

Even when a spot looks perfect for a tree, there may be less obvious reasons why it won’t be possible to plant. Time to be patient and think like a tree!

Step 6 – create a plan and fundraise

We can help you draw up a planting plan if there are multiple trees to help pick the best species which will thrive.

Not sure what trees are available to plant? Use our Plant Your Postcode Tree Species Cribsheet for some of the most commonly available urban trees.

Get residents raising funds and set a timescale to find the money.

Download: PYP-Planting-consultation-letter

Use our Fundraising 101 Guide for ideas.                           

Step 7 – bank the funds with CPRE Sussex

CPRE Sussex can help you keep all your donations in one place while you fundraise. This means no one needs to use a personal bank account and you do not need to keep track of small amounts from many sources. We will create a CAF Donate campaign for you to transfer monies into as they are collected. Because we are a charity, this will also allow us to claim gift aid which increases eligible funds you raise by 25%. Alternatively, if you are using a fundraising platform or already have a community bank account you prefer to use, you can transfer the final amount (including Gift Aid) directly to CPRE Sussex.

Step 8 – planting and aftercare

Trees will usually be planted between November and March. The Plant Your Postcode team will keep you notified of planting dates. Where possible, we will also run community tree planting sessions so you can help give trees a flying start. Once your new trees are planted, enjoy them and don’t forget to celebrate! All new trees are provided with an aftercare package. However, they will benefit from extra support for the first three years. Appoint a Tree Champion – they will take the lead in looking after your new trees. Additional training for tree champions can be provided.

Check out our 10 Top Tips for Tip Top Trees for more information.

The Plant Your Postcode team is here to help guide you and support you. If you have any questions or need help then get in touch.