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Other ways you can help trees in Brighton & Hove

There are lots of ways for you to help to make Brighton & Hove a greener city for you and future generations.

Become a tree champion

You can help identify trees in your area needing help or attention or you could perhaps take on a research project. Email: if you have some time to spare to help look after our beautiful trees.

Get your local school involved

It’s vitally important that the younger generation are aware of our city’s tree legacy so they can help protect it in the future. Help your local school to fundraise for trees, get our school children involved in growing and planting trees or just help them to develop a greater knowledge and understanding of the benefits of trees to the environment and well-being.

Discover CPRE Sussex resources for children:

Help fund trees across the city

Make a difference with a one-off donation (go to the yellow donate button) or make regular donations by standing order. You could sponsor a tree or even a whole street to help grow our city’s forest!

Become environmentally responsible

Planting trees is a well-recognised way to off-set your carbon footprint. Encourage your business to embrace its corporate responsibility and join our tree planting revolution. We have corporate volunteering opportunities for business. You can also use Plant Your Postcode to off-set your own carbon footprint and be proud to care for your environment. Contact us at