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Why more trees?

Trees provide a wide range of benefits.

Why more trees? 

The environmental benefits of planting trees are comprehensive. Trees capture carbon, provide shade, regulate the microclimate, support wildlife, reduce air pollution and reduce flooding.

In addition, trees improve our own health and wellbeing and provide a more pleasant living environment.

Brighton and Hove’s trees are particularly special because we host the National Elm Collection. Natural barriers and local people’s concerted efforts have protected them from elm disease and now the city is home to some of the rarest varieties of elms in the world.

Our street trees, urban woods and parks are, however, under threat from disease, old age and climate change. Significant budget constraints within the council mean that there are only limited funds available to replace old or diseased trees or to add new ones to the city’s tree population.

Plant Your Postcode, with your help, can halt the decline in our tree population and provide a lasting leafy legacy for many generations to come.

Carbon offsetting

A carbon offset is an action or activity that compensates for emissions of carbon dioxide (or other greenhouse gases). Carbon offset schemes enable individuals, communities, companies or governments to voluntarily contribute to an organisation which supports projects such as renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation. For instance, if it is not possible for someone to avoid a flight, they can purchase a carbon offset and the funds will be used to prevent or remove the emissions elsewhere. There are many schemes available, see more information on carbon-offsetting