Light pollution

10th February 2020

Are you concerned about light pollution from the Amex Football stadium at Falmer? We are supporting the campaign by local artist Steve Geliot to reduce the glare and protect wildlife and local people.

Why is this light pollution a problem?

The American Express Community Stadium is creating devastating and distressing light pollution. Lights and heaters are used all night long to help the grass grow but they are so badly designed that the consequential light spill is the worst incident in a hundred square miles. This is having a devastating impact on wildlife, particularly insects as well as destroying the night sky for hundreds of thousands of people, causing distressing impacts on wellbeing, and preventing astronomy and night photography.

There is new scientific evidence (Owens et Al 2019) which shows that insects are declining eight times faster than birds and mammals at a terrifying 2.5% a year and light pollution is a key driver of this insect apocalypse. If we lose the insects the whole ecosystem collapses.

Light pollution is the easiest thing to fix as there are no clean up costs. We knew how to turn off the lights in the Blitz. If we fix this problem, we are no longer killing insects, we are contributing less to the climate emergency and we are saving money. It is a three nil win.

What can I do?

First, add your voice to the growing number of people who are concerned by signing this petition;

Then join CPRE Sussex and campaign nationally for darker skies.


Four people stargazing silhouetted against the milky way
Starry skies are one of the most magical sights the countryside can offer iStock