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Are your favourite trees protected?

20th December 2022

Find out how trees can be protected from cutting down, uprooting or other damage.

Are there trees you love on your town or city street, in your village, in your local green space or along a road? Is there a woodland where you enjoy walking?

You can check if your local trees are protected by Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) by looking on your local authority website listed below.

If they are not, you can ask for them to be protected using a TPO.

A TPO can be made by a local planning authority in Sussex to protect specific trees, groups of trees or woodlands in the interests of amenity. Trees of any size or species can be protected.

An Order prohibits the cutting down, topping, lopping, uprooting, cutting of roots, wilful damage or wilful destruction of trees without the local planning authority’s written consent.

Find out more about Tree Preservation Orders

Find out if trees are protected by TPOs or seek a TPO in your area:

East Sussex: and Use ‘contact us’

West Sussex: