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CPRE Sussex has appointed its first Hedgerow Champion

25th August 2021

The Hedgerow Champion will raise awareness of the importance of hedgerows as wildlife habitats.

Tenant farmer, Derek Crush has spent more than 30 years looking after some of the county’s most ancient and valuable hedgerows at Daylands Farm on the Wiston Estate, near Steyning.

CPRE Sussex is now hoping that his knowledge and experience will help to inspire many more people to see every hedgerow as a lifeline for nature.

Watch ITV’s interview with Derek Crush and CPRE Chair, Dan Osborn, at Dayland’s Farm:

“Everyone should care about hedgerows,” says Derek. “They provide food for us and for wildlife. There are about 3000 metres on this farm and most can be dated to 1000 years old.”

“My interest in hedgerows is part of life on the farm; all the hedgerows here are ancient and need careful management which I was keen to do. I find it very enjoyable.”

The decline of some of Sussex’s most loved species including Dormice, Hedgehogs and Nightingales can be linked to the loss of ancient hedgerows.

“Many hedges were grubbed out in the interests of agricultural efficiency in the period after the Second World War,” explains CPRE Sussex Chair, Dan Osborn. “This had a big impact on many species of plants and animals. It’s more important than ever to protect the hedgerows in Sussex.”

“How hedgerows are managed also affects the biodiversity they support. The wider a hedge the more life that goes on within it, under it and near it. Hedges can be very diverse places and home to a large section of our wildlife.”

“We are delighted that Derek has agreed to be our Hedgerow Champion – he has a wealth of expertise and enthusiasm which we hope will be an inspiration for people of all ages.”

As part of this initiative, CPRE Sussex is holding a Hedgerow Hike in September to raise funds for its work in the Sussex countryside.

The Hike is open to people of all ages and can be held anywhere in the county

Find out how to join the Hedgerow Hike: and how you can hike your way to a free holiday: