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Join community action to protect Chichester Harbour AONB

15th November 2022

The Mayday Action Group is organising community action on 26 November. The Group works hard to raise awareness around the issues facing the Chichester Harbour AONB and campaigns for a sustainable future by protecting wildlife and preserving local landscapes for future generations.

Mayday Action Group says:

‘The bordering fields and surrounding countryside, that are a contributing feature of the landscape of the AONB, are now under significant threat from developers. Although the planning applications are being fiercely opposed by residents, local action groups, the Parish Councils, the Chichester Harbour Conservancy, CPRE Sussex, and even Chichester District Council, developers are using the planning system to bypass local decisions and take their planning applications to national appeal. They build strong legal teams that sway decisions in their favour. Unfortunately, our concerns and objections are not convincing the national planning inspectors and applications are being approved at an alarming rate.

The impact of over-development of the AONB border has been recognised as the single biggest threat to the conservation and future importance of the entire AONB site. However, the pressure to build along its border is relentless.

We are saying enough is enough and we want to raise awareness of this issue before it’s too late and all fields and wildlife are lost forever. We are therefore planning a peaceful show of strength and support for the local countryside and AONB by taking to the street on Saturday 26th November from 10.00-12.00hrs.

Please note, this is not a march or demonstration, we are merely asking every group, charity, volunteer organisation, residents, families that are concerned about the issue to show they care and come out on to the streets along the AONB border (from Hayling to the Witterings) to stand in support.’

Find more information: Mayday Action Group poster

This is not a CPRE Sussex event but we support community endeavours to stand up for their countryside and get their voice heard.