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Mid Sussex District Council’s draft District Plan Review lacks ambition

22nd February 2024

Local Mid Sussex members of CPRE Sussex have worked together to prepare a response to the public consultation on Mid Sussex District Council’s draft District Plan Review that will set the District’s housing target and planning policies up to 2039.

This is the version of the draft Plan that will be subject to public examination by the Planning Inspectorate later this year.

Mid Sussex District Council has taken note of our (and others’) pleas at an earlier stage to make the Plan greener.  But overall we are disappointed in the timidity and lack of ambition in the plan proposals. We call for more affordable homes, redevelopment of the Martlets Centre, better protection for our downland villages including scrapping the proposed 2,500 homes allocations at Sayers Common, and lots more.


CPRE Sussex response to Mid Sussex DC Regulation 19 consultation

Press release: Mid Sussex District Plan lacks ambition

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