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Plant Your Postcode – more planting in Brighton

21st November 2020

Local people, including school children, are taking action to make Brighton greener.

Despite lockdowns and the devastating spread of elm disease across the city this summer, we are continuing raise funds and helping neighbourhood groups with tree planting to help keep the City green and leafy.

At Sylvan Hall on Round Hill in Brighton, in mid January 2021 we plan to plant a Community Orchard and native hedge with volunteers from the Estate.

At the Bristol Estate in Whitehawk, between the downs and the sea in the East of the City, we are working with residents to develop a planting master plan. Helping us with this are David Archer Associates, locally based arboricultural and ecological services consultants, and we hope to have a plan in place for an area on Donald Hall Road ready to plant with the help of volunteers in February 2021.

At Hove Junior School we advised and supported planting an evergreen hedge along the Portland Road to screen and reduce pollution levels in the playground. We are waiting to hear if there’s a possibility of planting trees there too.


In January it’s hoped that a new member of staff whose role will include community liaison will be joining the city’s arboriculture department. This should help us, with the Council, to drive forward local people’s aspirations to get planting!