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The Force for Green Sweeping Sussex

14th July 2020

Sussex Green Living was set up in in Horsham in 2012 by a group of enthusiasts who wanted to inspire more people to embrace an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

They created a network of initiatives which quickly spread across the town and beyond – motivating hundreds of people to adopt a greener way of living.

Sussex Green Living (soon to become a charity) is driven by its founder, CEO Carrie Cort, and supported by a small army of volunteers.

Their projects include the Horsham Repair Café which is a monthly repair shop and organic food refill service, the Big Green Switch which helps people to switch to cheaper, green energy and the Horsham Climate Café which provides a hub for people concerned about climate change.

The group has also set up a network of single-use plastic recycling schemes across the district – collecting items which usually end up in landfill sites, such as crisp packets, mobile phones, dog food pouches and inkjet cartridges.

The organisation focuses on sharing ways to adopt a greener lifestyle and how to reduce negative impacts on the environment.

‘We need everyone on board to help halt and reverse climate change, and so to help achieve that we are trying to help raise awareness of the problem and provide solutions to a wide audience,’ says Sussex Green Living Founder, Carrie Cort.

Carrie also provides free environment education assemblies and lessons to more than 60 schools a year – speaking on the topics such as, ‘Love Clothes and the Planet’, ‘Energy Forever’ and ‘Plastic Free Sea’.