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Flawed plan will trash our environment

CPRE Sussex condemns Growth Plan for failing to recognise the value of natural resources

Environmental campaigners in Sussex have condemned the Government’s Growth Plan for ‘failing to recognise’ the financial and societal value of natural resources.

CPRE Sussex said the plan, published by HM Treasury on September 23, made it clear the Government will revoke vital environmental laws.

These laws provide much-needed protection for at-risk and vulnerable wildlife and habitats of national and international importance.

CPRE Trustee, Dr Roger Smith, said: “The Government is reneging on its previous pivotal commitment, made in response to The Economics of Biodiversity: The Dasgupta Review.

This included delivering a ‘nature positive’ future, in which we leave the environment in a better state than we left it, and ensuring economic decision-making supports the delivery of that future.”

CPRE Sussex chairman Dan Osborn has today (October 4) written to Sussex MPs outlining how nurturing the environment will help the economy to grow.

CPRE Sussex is calling on all Sussex residents to write similar letters to their local MPs.

Supporting documents and background information to help draft letters can be viewed at


PRESS RELEASE_ Flawed plan will trash our environment

Letter to MPs about environment 4 October 2022


Added 4 October 2022
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