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CPRE Sussex, the countryside charity, has announced a Hedgerow Hike during September.

Everyone is invited to join the Hedgerow Hike to celebrate hedgerows, get some exercise and help raise funds for CPRE Sussex. You can sign up from 1 July.

“Hedgerows are vitally important” says CPRE Sussex Director, Kia Trainor. “They are major features of the Sussex landscape and essential habitats supporting over 2,000 species, including our much-loved hedgehogs and dormice”.

“Hedgerows also help in the fight against climate change. They are brilliant at capturing carbon. Each year a new hedgerow can absorb the amount of carbon produced by a car travelling over 1,000 kilometres or 620 miles – that’s Eastbourne to Aberdeen.”

With their leaves at the level of pedestrians, hedgerows are natural barriers to harmful air pollution in our streets – making our towns healthier places.

For the Hedgerow Hike, you can walk anywhere. Around your garden, local roads, a park, local nature reserves, the South Downs National Park or an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, or even take on the South Downs Way.

Every step or mile for which you are sponsored will help CPRE Sussex to protect the Sussex countryside and our city and town green spaces for everyone to enjoy.

You could ask for sponsorship at as little as £1 a mile or even 5,000 steps, perhaps £30 for a longer weekend walk, or £50 for completing a section of the South Downs Way or a walk in the High Weald. It is really as flexible as that.

Find out how to join the Hedgerow Hike.

Added 1 July 2021
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