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Press release: Eye-Spy Spring

Noticing seasonal changes can help you through lockdown, says countryside charity.

The countryside charity CPRE Sussex is encouraging people to use the early signs of Spring around their own homes to help them through lockdown.

This weekend (Jan 23) the charity is launching a simple guide to spotting the very first signs of the new season in your immediate neighbourhood.

The guide, which will be published on the CPRE Sussex website, has been created to encourage people to look for nature on their doorsteps rather than travelling further afield.

“There are so many signs of the changing season all around us,” says CPRE Sussex Director, Kia Trainor. “But most years we tend not to see them because we are all so busy.

“Noticing the arrival of Spring can be really uplifting and we are hoping that just a few minutes spent observing nature every day – even if it is just through a window – will have a positive impact on people’s health and wellbeing.”

The charity says that now is the perfect time to look out for the very first signs of the new season.

“Spring comes earlier now due to climate change”, says CPRE Sussex Chair Dan Osborn. “Some hedge plants are already showing signs of flowering and leafing, so you may be surprised at what you can find happening on your doorstep.”

The charity is hoping that Eye-Spy Spring will not only help people to feel more optimistic but will also encourage them to spread some positivity.

“The arrival of Spring makes us all feel good,” says Kia. “So, if you do take part please share your photos and observations with us, so that everyone can enjoy them”.

CPRE Sussex is asking people to share their images via the charity’s social media pages.

The full ‘Eye Spy Spring 2021 CPRE Sussex Guide’ can be found via this link:

Added 21 January 2021
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