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Press release: Sussex’s Wasted Brownfield Land the Size of a Large Town

The total area of unused brownfield land in Sussex is approximately the size of Littlehampton in West Sussex or Bexhill in East Sussex, according to new figures released today by the Countryside Charity, CPRE Sussex.

The charity’s ‘State of Brownfield Report 2020’ shows that there are 1,007 acres of abandoned brownfield sites in Sussex. That is enough to build at least 23,000 new homes on land which could be developed in preference to building on the countryside. This is the equivalent of a large town (with an average of 2.2 people per household).

These brownfield sites would provide enough development land to satisfy Sussex’s entire current Local Plan housing requirement for the next three and a half years (or for nearly 2 years under the government’s proposed changes to the housing calculations). 

“It’s a travesty that so much brownfield land, in need of regeneration and revival, is lying idle whilst our green spaces which are vital for wildlife and our wellbeing are being lost to concrete,” says CPRE Sussex Director, Kia Trainor.

“The system needs to change so that brownfield land is revitalized before we lose any more of the countryside which is even more important at this time of climate and ecological emergency.”

The area with the most brownfield in Sussex is Brighton and Hove which has a total of 185 acres of brownfield spread over 172 sites. This is enough for more than 9,000 dwellings.

Issued 21 October 2020

Sussex Wasted Brownfield Land

Added 21 October 2020
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