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CPRE Sussex launches sewage infrastructure campaign

Councils must make adequate sewerage infrastructure a prerequisite to development – no sewer upgrade, no permission to develop or occupy new homes.

CPRE Sussex has launched a campaign in a bid to tackle the unacceptable flooding of sewage into waterways, homes and gardens.

It wants local councils to make more use of ‘pre-commencement’ or ‘Grampian’ conditions. These conditions form part of planning permissions, preventing development from taking place until specific conditions have been undertaken.

They could include reinforcing the sewerage network, extending treatment capacity at a sewage works, improving surface water drainage and reducing storm sewage overflows to environmental waters.

While the primary aim is to make sure the necessary infrastructure is built, this approach is likely to also reduce speculative development.

Find out more about the campaign and Grampian conditions at

CPRE Sussex sewerage campaign

Added 23 April 2024
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